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Torah Never Ceases to Be a Guiding Light!


“You’re losing it…! How can you claim to be a student of Maimonides when he passed away 800 years ago?” the students questioned their teacher.

The teacher smiled and answered. “You see, Knowledge is not a collection of ideas, it is a description of a change. When we gain a new perspective, we see things clearly. Suddenly, areas that seemed gloomy and dark are illuminated. Gaining a new perspective is like putting on a pair of glasses; everything becomes so much clearer.

I have studied Maimonides, researched his opinions, and slowly gained his perspective. I can tell you what Maimonides would say regarding many relevant issues today! I can share his clarity and commentary on contemporary issues. Knowledge can’t be stolen or lost. It’s our identity.”

Most connections are impermanent. You let go, and the connection dissolves. The connection wasn’t necessarily meant to last. It was a phase in our life. It had its value and relevance but ceases to remain a part of our life.

Everything has its time and place, and any connection can become history.

The Torah is a deep fountain of knowledge that addresses every area of life. King Solomon, the great Maimonides, and the Talmudic sages all studied the Torah. The wisdom gleaned from the Torah inspired all of mankind throughout time.

In fact, in certain Korean schools, the Talmud is mandatory reading! Newsweek reported that in China, the Talmud is becoming prevalent as a business guide!

While fads are fleeting and conventional influences dip and sway through the bends and turns of history, it’s the eternal truth, the Torah, that never ceases to be a guiding light.

Have you set aside time for Torah study? Try it! You, too, can become a student of Maimonides!

Shabbat Shalom

R. Mendy