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Moise Safra Center Security Update

To the incredibly supportive community of the Moise Safra Center:

Since October 7th, hate crimes and antisemitic events worldwide have increased by more than 300%. Sadly, New York City has not been spared from this spike of hateful events. From its inception in 2019, the Moise Safra Center was built with the purpose of honoring Jewish heritage and traditions and to serve as a safe haven for Jews. Now more than ever, we see the need in our city for a safe place where we can fulfill our social, spiritual, and physical needs.

In response to the rise of antisemitism and the risks of external threats, we have notably increased our security measures over the past three months. We believe these measures are crucial, and we are committed to continuing this high level of security to ensure that our members, regardless of age, feel safe entering and leaving the building.

We have received many heartfelt letters of gratitude for the increased security measures we have taken. We appreciate this so much and thank you for recognizing our efforts. Increasing the building’s security is not possible without sacrifices, however, and has raised our costs exponentially.

We need your support. We are dedicated to continuing essential security measures, but we need you, our amazing families who walk in and out of this center every day, to help.

Consider donating below to show your support when we need it most!

Am Yisrael Chai!