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Raz Chen

Price: $180/session

Accredited Level Expert 2 Krav Maga Instructor

Headshot of raz outsideBorn and raised in Israel, Raz trained under Master Gabi Noah and, within four years, completed the Civilian Krav Maga instructor course at Wingate. During his military service as a Kfir Operations Combatant, Raz served in counter-terrorism and urban warfare missions. He became a Senior military Krav Maga instructor and head of the Krav Maga program. He taught over 10,000 soldiers, including Special Forces in IDF units, including Lotar Counter-Terrorism, the Oketz K-9 unit, and US Marines. Raz wrote and developed combatives curriculum for Kfir. During that time, he also placed first in the IDF Krav Maga championship in 2010.

After his service, Raz moved to civilian training, specializing in counter-terrorism, personal self-defense, assault prevention, active shooter, military and police combative, community protection, and Krav Maga instructor certification. Raz has been featured as a Krav Maga expert on CBS, Telemundo, the NYTimes, and Elite Daily.

Raz is a senior instructor for Guardian Self-Defense, nonprofit teaching self-defense in the Jewish community. He also works with Students Supporting Israel in Jewish schools and on campuses nationwide. In addition to teaching, Raz is a columnist at Black Belt Magazine, interviewing figures like Olympian Judoka Sagi Muki and Krav Maga Master Eyal Yanilov. He has also contributed to Martial Journal and the Times of Israel.

Ian MacLeod

Price: $165/session

Ian Macleod is a fitness and self-defense expert with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in boxing and self-defense, injury rehab and prevention, and body composition changes. As a certified personal trainer and martial arts instructor, Ian focuses on injury and pain-free fitness to help clients achieve their goals safely and effectively. Contact Ian today to start your fitness journey with a knowledgeable and experienced coach.

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