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Wieners/Rosenfelds Familiy

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On October 7th, Kibbutz Kfar Aza was decimated by Hamas terrorists. The lives of the Wiener and Rosenfeld families, a total of 19 people including 10 children under the age of 7, were destroyed. In a single day, Joseph Wiener, a 96 year old Holocaust survivor, lost two of his grandchildren. One-month-old baby Shaya lost her father, Yahav, and ten-month-old twins Roi and Guy who lost both their parents, Hadar and Itay Berdychivsky, when they were murdered by terrorists. Yahav, Hadar, and Itay were heroes. All three parents were murdered while sacrificing themselves to protect their families. Yahav fought off terrorists as they entered through a bedroom window as his wife, Shaylee, escaped with their newborn baby. Shaylee and Shaya hid for 27 hours without water or food and were eventually rescued. Hadar and Itay hid their twin babies as they fought terrorists in their home. Both Hadar and Itay were murdered but, miraculously, the babies were rescued after 14 hours.

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