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Parashat Beresheet

“In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was barren and desolate.” The next 6 days were spent making order out of chaos. A basic question arises, why was the world created chaotic and then put in order? Why not create an orderly world from day one? There are many […]

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Parashat Ha’azinu

Moses, on the final day of his life, chided and implored the nation to fulfill their divine destiny by reflecting on their past experiences and foretelling future calamities if they abandon the Torah’s moral code. Moses waited for the very last day of his life to extend his rebuke, as did Jacob before him, knowing […]

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Shabbat Shuva – Nurture Our Roots

Imagine two dignified-looking men sitting across from you. They’re wearing tailored power suits and polished shoes. Instinctively, you feel a sense of respect for them. Suddenly, someone places a name tag in front of each man. One is Adolf Eichmann. The other is Rafi Eitan, the man responsible for capturing Eichman.  All at once, you […]

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