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Parashat Shelah Lecha

The episode of the spies was not only disastrous for the generation of the exodus who perished during the 40 years of wandering in the desert, but it has also cast a pall over future generations. The night that the Israelites wept upon hearing the alarming report of the Spies was the eve of the […]

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Being jewish it’s our very life!

“Sir, you are threatening the security of the plane – you have toothpaste in your carry-on bag…” “TSA safety regulations, you must remove your shoes,” says the airport security screener…to a three-year old girl. “Excuse me Ma’am, we’ll need to confiscate your liquid, it’s unsafe to bring onboard.” A bottle of pure water… Have you […]

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Parashat Naso

In the Psalm which is read on Shabbat, King David wrote, “How great are Your works, O Lord.”   On the day on which we are free from our mundane activities and can appreciate the greatness of G-d’s universe, we contemplate the marvelous sophistication of the natural world.   Even the most sophisticated of computers […]

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