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Parashat Teruma

“Let them build for Me a sanctuary, and I will rest amongst them.” The purpose of the sanctuary, as described in our parasha, was for the Divine presence to rest within Israel. However, our sages comment that the Torah does not say, “Build a sanctuary and I will dwell within ‘it’” referring to the sanctuary, […]

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Actions Express Concern

Have you ever thought about the deep love that parents have for their children? Why is it that parents love their children far more deeply than children love their parents? The answer is quite simple. Parents express their love by giving. Parents invest in their children. Parent’s give all they got for the sake of […]

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Parashat Yitro

“The nation prepared to receive the Torah, united together with one purpose” Talmud. The underlying fundamental principles of the Torah were given in the 10 Commandments. Every one of the 613 Mitzvot can be found within the Decalogue. Even though the Torah was given to the entire nation, and G-d spoke to all of the […]

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