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Rabbi Mendy Weitman

It’s Time To Adjust

| WED, MAY 31, 2023

The large clock was the talk of the town. Flawlessly accurate, it kept everyone on schedule. The townspeople had only one problem, the clock was simply too high up. Why…

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Values are caught, not taught

| THU, MAY 18, 2023

“Oh it smells so good, can we go in and buy some burgers?” “Sorry my dear, that isn’t a kosher store. We can’t buy anything from there!” “Oh daddy, I…

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Don’t Practice Judaism – live it!

| TUE, MAY 02, 2023

A well-known Rabbi once spoke at a summer camp regarding the importance of Ahavat Yisrael – loving one’s fellow Jew. Later that day, one of the parents asked their child,…

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I am opened minded

| WED, APR 19, 2023

A businessman is riding the train when an individual dressed in what seemed like traditional Chassidic garb sits down next to him.  Observing his seatmate, the businessman blurts out: “Sir,…

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Don’t Invite Strangers

| WED, MAR 29, 2023

A wise teacher was once discussing how to influence one’s behavior with his students. “The human being is capable of controlling their emotions and actions,” he explained, “it simply begins…

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Do Leaders Have A Job?

| TUE, MAR 14, 2023

Leadership is a service, not a position. The mystical masters teach that it is in the absence of oneself – not the indulgence of oneself – where the greatest satisfaction is found. How does…

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Wise people make mistakes

| WED, MAR 01, 2023

In the beginning, when the world was created, a court case raged in the cosmic judicial halls. The plaintiff, Mistake. The defendant, Wisdom. “I am purposeless in this universe,” claimed…

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Actions Express Concern

| TUE, FEB 14, 2023

Have you ever thought about the deep love that parents have for their children? Why is it that parents love their children far more deeply than children love their parents?…

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Do What She Wants

| TUE, JAN 31, 2023

A professional drummer was considering the perfect 25th-anniversary gift for his wife. He finally settled on something really special, and as he presents the beautifully wrapped box, he says “my…

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Why Yes, I am stiff necked

| THU, JAN 19, 2023

Victor Frankl was among the millions of Jews who suffered under the merciless hand of the Nazis in war-torn Europe. Relating his personal experience in the death camps, Frankl describes…

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