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Rabbi Mendy Weitman

Why Yes, I am stiff necked

| THU, JAN 19, 2023

Victor Frankl was among the millions of Jews who suffered under the merciless hand of the Nazis in war-torn Europe. Relating his personal experience in the death camps, Frankl describes…

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Under Influence

| THU, JAN 05, 2023

The owner of a modest grocery store foresees a serious blow to his business when two sizable supermarkets suddenly open on either side of his shop. Determined to succeed, he…

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Happy Hanukkah

| TUE, DEC 20, 2022

A student once approached his wise teacher and expressed disappointment over the many areas in his life that weren’t as he wanted or hoped them to be.  Responded his teacher,…

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You’re the author of your future

| WED, DEC 07, 2022

A child asked his mother, “How were humans created?” So his mother said, “G-d created Adam and Eve, and they started a family, leading all the way to you and…

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Old cars & real estate

| TUE, NOV 22, 2022

Three proprietors are discussing the scope of their real estate ownership: “Even if I stand at the top of the tallest building I own,” says the first, “I won’t see…

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Walk Out

| WED, NOV 09, 2022

An experienced businessman once commented to his friend, the educator: “How can you be so sure of your ideas when there is such a big world out there?”   Responded the educator: “You’re…

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Reservoir of Strength

| THU, OCT 27, 2022

“Hey Dad, the other day you were able to lift up the minivan, why can’t you do it again? My toy truck is under the minivan and I need it!”…

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But, I Know

| THU, OCT 06, 2022

In the beginning, when the world was created, a court case raged in the cosmic judicial halls. The plaintiff, Mistake. The defendant, Wisdom.   “I am purposeless in this universe,”…

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Stop Changing. Start a Virus

| THU, SEP 22, 2022

When I was young and free I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I realized the world would not change, and lowered my sights to…

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Dad, It’s Not For Me

| THU, SEP 08, 2022

A well-known Jewish professor, New York Times bestselling author, and acclaimed communal activist was terribly broken when he realized that his son had no interest in any of his activities.…

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