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Rabbi Mendy Weitman

Pure Hatred

| WED, MAY 22, 2024

The Roman emperor Hadrian was a known anti-semite. Once, during a public appearance, a Jewish passerby respectfully greeted the emperor. “How dare a Jew be so brazen as to greet…

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If we teach respect, we will find love!

| THU, MAY 09, 2024

“Children, Mom just called and asked that we stop at the local supermarket.” “But, Dad, isn’t that out of our way?” “That’s right! And it’s a perfect opportunity to show…

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Make It Your Own

| THU, APR 11, 2024

The city was in an uproar: a well-known veteran beggar had won the million-dollar lottery! Reporters scrambled to learn about this unique win, and the same question was on everybody’s…

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Who is a Queen Esther today?

| THU, MAR 28, 2024

Queen Esther was the ultimate diplomat and leader.   She didn’t think about her position. She was ready to be killed. After all, one who came to the king unannounced…

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A Different Type of Hostage

| WED, MAR 13, 2024

“I would love to do that. But I can’t. I’m being held hostage. Not by force. No, oddly enough, it’s by choice.”   October 7th is the day that we…

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Everything begins with a thought!

| THU, FEB 29, 2024

A wise teacher was once discussing with his students the concept of influencing one’s behavior. “The human being is capable of controlling his emotions and actions,” he explained, “it simply…

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Sacrifice or investment?

| WED, FEB 14, 2024

The city was in an uproar: a well-known veteran beggar had won the million-dollar lottery!  Reporters scrambled to gain information on this unique win, and the same question was on…

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Healthy Boundaries

| TUE, JAN 30, 2024

A Jewish immigrant from Poland arrives in the USA wearing a significantly oversized Kipa. “But why?” his family and friends ask. “I heard there’s a lot of peer pressure in…

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Our entire existence simply doesn’t make any sense!

| WED, JAN 17, 2024

“What did you learn in Sunday school today?” Mrs. G asks her son. “We learned that when the Jews left Egypt and came to the Red Sea, Moses built a…

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Husband Falls Asleep

| WED, JAN 03, 2024

A house cleaner had the opportunity to observe a weekly Talmud study group which took place in the home that she worked in. One day, the family discovered that she…

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