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Rabbi Mendy Weitman

Big Ideas go Bankrupt

| FRI, MAY 20, 2022

“I don’t care if you’re a billion dollar company, in one moment you can go bankrupt,” declared the business tycoon. “That’s ridiculous. A poor strategy can be adjusted. A poor…

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Water the Seeds

| THU, MAY 05, 2022

“This tree is going to bear luscious and mouth-watering apples. The other is going to bear rotten and dried out apples”. “But, dad, they both look alike. I don’t even…

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Putting skin in the game

| THU, APR 07, 2022

You were not the most fit. You were not so skilled. Classmates even viewed you as an under performer. How did you pass all those extreme physical tests in order…

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Aristotle the Human

| THU, MAR 24, 2022

“You, of all people! How can you do such a thing?!” Aristotle’s students exclaimed in surprise. They were appalled. Their beloved and knowledgeable teacher was caught in the act. “Dear…

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Nuclear bomb?

| THU, MAR 10, 2022

“What’s more powerful than a nuclear bomb? “Cyber warfare” “Perhaps. But, students, what would be far more powerful then both cyber and nuclear warfare?” “Planting a bug or virus into…

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One Mitzvah at a Time!

| THU, FEB 24, 2022

“I love mother Russia. If I would own a chest of gold and silver I would give it away to Mother Russia.” “WOW! Amazing! But, what about the horse sitting in…

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Angel or Human

| FRI, FEB 11, 2022

“My dear parents, if you were to name the most memorable moment of my youth, what would it be?”   “The moment you said, ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ was the beginning…

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Ordinary or Beautiful

| WED, JAN 26, 2022

“Mom, you only got solid colors. They’re boring. I need to create a beautiful painting. How in the world can I do it with a boring white or blue? “My…

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Lawmakers Vs. Lawbreakers

| WED, JAN 12, 2022

“Doctor, you’re a world renowned expert in oncology, how is it that you are smoking?” “You’re right that smoking is unhealthy, but it’s all relative. Genetically, I have very strong…

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Parashat Va’era – Are Winners Happy?

| THU, DEC 30, 2021

Your score came in at 93, you won second place!” “WOW! I can’t believe it!!..YAY…” “Your score is 96, you won first place!!” “Are you sure it was only 96?!…

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