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Rabbi Mendy Weitman

Sweating is Healthy 

| THU, NOV 18, 2021

“Mom I’m thirsty,” baby duck complained. “My dear, I’ve pushed you to the tip of the pond, all you have to do is open your mouth! That part you’ll need…

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Connections or Connecting

| WED, NOV 03, 2021

“We were both in the same class and received the same grades, what makes you a better doctor?” “Yes, we both learned the same material, but it seems you forgot…

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Parashat Vayeria – Happily Stuck in Traffic

| MON, OCT 18, 2021

“You’ve got a huge debt, a tough boss, and you’re stuck in traffic, why in the world are you smiling?” “If I would have a surplus in the bank, be…

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