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| TUE, OCT 05, 2021

Finding purpose in life is like putting on glasses, it changes one’s vision on life as a whole. Everything is now seen with different lenses, with a deeper perspective.   Purpose…

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Parashat Nitsavim

| MON, AUG 30, 2021

“You are standing today, all of you, before G-d” The opening verse of this week’s Parashah alludes to Rosh Hashanah when the entire world stands before G-d to be evaluated…

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Parashat Ki Tavo – Deepest Gift

| WED, AUG 25, 2021

“Sorry, we refuse your offer”, the men replied. Surprised, the owner of the farm wondered: “Here I am, offering you double pay while relieving you of the toil and sweat that…

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Parashat Ki Teseh

| MON, AUG 16, 2021

One of the most rewarding yet challenging areas of life is in the arena of human relationships. Relationships add meaning, texture, vitality, and spirituality to our lives and yet are…

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Parashat Shoftim – Thank You

| WED, AUG 11, 2021

In times gone by, when men would hunt for bears in the wild, they would first send a dog out as “bait”. The dog’s presence would set off a chase…

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Parashat Re’eh – No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

| MON, AUG 02, 2021

One of the pillars of our Torah and ingrained character of our nation is the giving of charity. As Maimonides observed in the 12th century, every Jewish community that he…

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Parashat Eikev – Are We Outdated?

| TUE, JUL 27, 2021

The large clock was the talk of the town. Flawlessly accurate, it kept everyone on schedule. The townspeople had only one problem, the clock was simply too high up. Why…

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Parashat Va’et’hanan – Lessons Around Us

| MON, JUL 19, 2021

This week we will be reading about the giving of the 10 Commandments, the foundation for moral conduct. The Talmud states, however, that had the Torah not been given, we…

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Parashat Debarim – But, I want

| WED, JUL 14, 2021

A man is drowning in the ocean and prays to God for help. Moments later, a boat comes by and offers to help him, however, the man refuses. “I’m waiting for…

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Parashat Matot-Masei

| TUE, JUL 06, 2021

Our Parashah this week details the laws concerning unintentional manslaughter caused through negligence. “If a person accidentally kills another, he must be exiled and remain in the city of refuge…

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