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| TUE, OCT 05, 2021

Finding purpose in life is like putting on glasses, it changes one’s vision on life as a whole. Everything is now seen with different lenses, with a deeper perspective.   Purpose…

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Parashat Va’et’hanan – Lessons Around Us

| MON, JUL 19, 2021

This week we will be reading about the giving of the 10 Commandments, the foundation for moral conduct. The Talmud states, however, that had the Torah not been given, we…

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Parashat Ha’azinu – Even Greatness Requires Humility

| MON, SEP 21, 2020

In the opening lines of the song of Ha’azinu, Moshe declares,” The Mighty rock, His deeds are perfect, for all His ways are just.” When we see things in the…

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Rosh HaShanah – Getting High on the High Holidays

| WED, SEP 16, 2020

A group of Russian peasants are sitting in a bar, discussing how much they admire the Czar and what they would offer him to express the extent of their love.…

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Parashat Nisabim-Vayelech “In all my days I have never had to look behind me before saying anything“ (Rabbi Yose, quoted in the Talmud)

| TUE, SEP 08, 2020

Slander or gossip is not necessarily untruthful. Our tradition forbids saying something derogatory about a person even if it is entirely true! One of the best and easiest guidelines to…

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Parashat Ki Tavo – Leaders Bend Down

| TUE, SEP 01, 2020

Leadership is a service, not a position. The mystical books teaches that it is in the absence of oneself – not the indulgence of oneself – that the greatest satisfaction is found.  How does…

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Parashat Ki Tesseh – Tough Love and Parenting

| MON, AUG 24, 2020

The Torah describes in great detail the case of the rebellious son. A young teenager starting out in life indulges in defiant antisocial criminal behavior while exhibiting extreme vulgarity and…

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Shabbat Shoftim – Children Ought to Know

| TUE, AUG 18, 2020

A father and son were heading home one Friday afternoon after purchasing 3 loaves of challah for Shabbat. On their way, a poor man stops them asking for a challah,…

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Parashat Re’eh – “I”: A Blessing or a Stumbling block?

| SUN, AUG 09, 2020

There is an important difference between self-esteem, which is a highly desirable trait, and vanity, which is considered a loathsome attribute. Moshe, in his final days, beseeches the nation, “See…

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Parshat Ekev – ONE word

| WED, AUG 05, 2020

Shock swept through the crowd as they read the huge dedication sign on top of the community center: “In honor of Sarah and Howard Goldberg who were killed during the…

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