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Rabbi Haim Shaul

Parashat Vayeshev

| THU, NOV 25, 2021

Jacob, after successfully escaping Lavan’s house and his epic confrontation with his brother Esav, finally returns to his ancestral home, the land of his youth, with his large family and…

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Parashat Va’yeseh

| TUE, NOV 09, 2021

Jacob, alone and afraid, after escaping with his life from his brother Esav is visited in his sleep by the vision of G-d. Immediately upon waking, he took the stone…

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| TUE, OCT 05, 2021

Finding purpose in life is like putting on glasses, it changes one’s vision on life as a whole. Everything is now seen with different lenses, with a deeper perspective.   Purpose…

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Parashat Beresheet

| THU, SEP 30, 2021

“In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was barren and desolate.” The next 6 days were spent making order out of chaos. A basic…

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Parashat Ha’azinu

| SUN, SEP 12, 2021

Moses, on the final day of his life, chided and implored the nation to fulfill their divine destiny by reflecting on their past experiences and foretelling future calamities if they…

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Shabbat Shuva – Nurture Our Roots

| THU, SEP 09, 2021

Imagine two dignified-looking men sitting across from you. They’re wearing tailored power suits and polished shoes. Instinctively, you feel a sense of respect for them. Suddenly, someone places a name…

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