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Rabbi Haim Shaul

Parashat Hukat

| MON, JUL 08, 2024

A new generation reached the wilderness of Zin and vehemently complained to Moshe and Aharon about the lack of water for their families and animals, Moshe is commanded to miraculously…

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Parashat Shelah Lecha

| MON, JUN 24, 2024

Hazak Ubaruch! In the Torah portion this week, we read about the story of the spies, and it starts with Moshe changing the name of his devoted student Hosheah to…

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Parashat Naso

| MON, JUN 10, 2024

This week’s Parashah contains one of the most beautiful blessings ever given, it is the blessing given to us by G-d and every day bestowed during Birkat Cohanim, “G-d shall…

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Parashat Behukotai

| WED, MAY 29, 2024

“If you keep my commandments, I will give rain in their season.”   The Torah describes abundant material blessings for the observance of its statutes. However, motivation by reward and…

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Parashat Emor

| MON, MAY 13, 2024

During these weeks between Passover and Shavuot, we have a custom of studying the Ethics of our Fathers. In chapter one Hillel the Elder said, “if not now, then when?”…

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Parashat Aharei Mot

| WED, MAY 01, 2024

A student once saw the great sage Hillel leaving his academy. He approached the sage and asked him where he was going. “I am going to do a Mitzva for…

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Parashat Tahor

| MON, APR 15, 2024

The owner of an unclean house is allowed to remove all of his belongings before the house and everything in it are condemned by the Cohen. Our sages say that…

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Parashat Shemini-HaHodesh

| MON, APR 01, 2024

“Any person who runs  from receiving honor, honor will pursue him”. (Our sages) We read this week that Aharon was reluctant to serve as High Priest because of his participation in…

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Parashat Vayikra-Zachor

| MON, MAR 18, 2024

The Talmud teaches us that when the month of Adar (in which Purim falls) begins, we increase our joy (Ta’anit 29). Words of our sages are not empty slogans but…

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Parashat Vayak’hel-Shekalim

| MON, MAR 04, 2024

The Torah portion this week begins with Moses assembling the entire community. At this great assembly, he conveyed the commandment for the building of the sanctuary. Our sages explain that…

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