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Rabbi Haim Shaul

Parashat Tahor

| MON, APR 15, 2024

The owner of an unclean house is allowed to remove all of his belongings before the house and everything in it are condemned by the Cohen. Our sages say that…

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Parashat Shemini-HaHodesh

| MON, APR 01, 2024

“Any person who runs  from receiving honor, honor will pursue him”. (Our sages) We read this week that Aharon was reluctant to serve as High Priest because of his participation in…

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Parashat Vayikra-Zachor

| MON, MAR 18, 2024

The Talmud teaches us that when the month of Adar (in which Purim falls) begins, we increase our joy (Ta’anit 29). Words of our sages are not empty slogans but…

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Parashat Vayak’hel-Shekalim

| MON, MAR 04, 2024

The Torah portion this week begins with Moses assembling the entire community. At this great assembly, he conveyed the commandment for the building of the sanctuary. Our sages explain that…

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Parashat Tesaveh

| TUE, FEB 20, 2024

“You shall make a forehead plate of pure gold, and it shall be on Aron’s forehead.” Each one of the garments worn by the high priest symbolized G-d’s forgiveness for…

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Parashat Mishpatim

| MON, FEB 05, 2024

Our portion that we read this week details the moral conduct with regards to ones finances and relationships with money and possessions. However, King Solomon wrote, “The pursuit of wisdom…

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Parashat Beshalah

| MON, JAN 22, 2024

The very first experience that happened after the miraculous splitting of the sea was their encampment in a place called Marah, where they found the water bitter and undrinkable. There…

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Parashat Va’erah

| MON, JAN 08, 2024

The Talmud instructs a person to accustom their tongue to say, “I do not know.” While no human being can know everything, even with a smart phone handy and access…

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Parashat Vaye’hi

| MON, DEC 25, 2023

“And Yaakob blessed Joseph’s sons ‘on that day.” What significance is it that the blessings that Yaakov extended to his grandchildren occurred on that day, isn’t it obvious that they…

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Parashat Mikets

| MON, DEC 11, 2023

“And Yaakov said to his sons, ‘may G-d give you mercy in front of the man (Yosef).’” Would it not have been more correct for Yaakov to pray, “May Almighty…

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