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Rabbi Haim Shaul

One Step at a Time

| THU, MAY 12, 2022

In this weeks Torah portion we are given the Mitzva of counting the Omer for the 49 days leading up to Shavuot.   When we think of the wondrous miracles…

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Parashat Aharei Mot

| THU, APR 28, 2022

A student once saw the great sage Hillel leaving his academy. He approached the sage and asked him where he was going. “I am going to do a Mitzva for…

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| TUE, APR 12, 2022

Passover marks the beginning formation of the Jewish nation and our relationship with the Creator. The Haggadah that we all will be reading on the night of Passover revolves around…

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Parashat Tazria

| THU, MAR 31, 2022

The affliction of Tzaraat, commonly translated as leprosy, described in the Parashah this week, is not a bodily disease, but the physical manifestation of a spiritual malaise, the result of…

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Parashat Tsav

| WED, MAR 16, 2022

King David said, “May goodness and kindness pursue me all the days of my life.” What a strange expression! Goodness and kindness should pursue me, as though I was fleeing…

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Parashat Pekudei

| THU, MAR 03, 2022

All the many donations to the Mishkan  were only accepted if they had been attained honestly. Any gifts that might have been tainted by being acquired dishonestly were rejected.  …

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Parashat Ki Tissa

| THU, FEB 17, 2022

Following the tragic episode of the golden calf Moses took his tent and set it up outside the camp. He reasoned that since G-d was angry with the people, then…

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Parashat Terumah

| THU, FEB 03, 2022

We read this week of the commandment to build the sanctuary, which accompanied the nation throughout their travels. Surprisingly, to many of our sages, the need for a physical sanctuary…

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Parashat Yitro

| WED, JAN 19, 2022

Surprisingly, the most monumental event in Jewish history, the receiving of G-d’s law, is named after Yitro, a gentile. There are many important ideas taught in this small detail. The…

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“Who is the wise person the one who sees the future.”

| THU, JAN 06, 2022

There is a saying in the Talmud that a person who eats fatty meat may need to hide in the attic, but one who eats vegetables may do so in…

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