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Rabbi Haim Shaul


| TUE, MAY 23, 2023

In receiving of the Torah, the nation had to overcome many challenges, as our sages have said, “All new beginnings are difficult.” We are all creatures of habit. Learning something…

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Parashat Behar-Behukotai: Fear or anxiety?

| WED, MAY 10, 2023

Keeping the commandment to leave the fields unplanted in the seventh year (Shemita) is a great test of faith, especially in an agrarian society. It is no wonder that the…

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Parashat Aharei Mot-Kedoshim

| MON, APR 24, 2023

I am G-d who rests amongst them, even amidst their failings” This description of G-ds commitment to humanity means that no one can say, ‘I am too far gone to…

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Parashat Shemini

| MON, APR 03, 2023

Our sages, expounding on the ritual laws listed in our Parashah, explain that only something of value can become ritually unclean. With this foundation we can understand why earthen vessels…

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Parashat Vayikra – Growth is Change

| MON, MAR 20, 2023

We begin the book of Vayikra, literally ‘He called to Moshe (to come closer)’, at the culmination of the building of the Sanctity which was completed in the end of…

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Parashat Ki Tissa

| WED, MAR 08, 2023

This week we read one of the most tragic events in Jewish history, the making and worshiping of the golden calf. It is difficult to understand how such an incident…

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Parashat Teruma

| WED, FEB 22, 2023

“Let them build for Me a sanctuary, and I will rest amongst them.” The purpose of the sanctuary, as described in our parasha, was for the Divine presence to rest…

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Parashat Yitro

| MON, FEB 06, 2023

“The nation prepared to receive the Torah, united together with one purpose” Talmud. The underlying fundamental principles of the Torah were given in the 10 Commandments. Every one of the…

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Parasha Bo

| MON, JAN 23, 2023

On Shabbat we include a special prayer that is recited in Birkat Hamazon recognizing the unique status of the day. We pray for rest, serenity ,and pleasure, and also that…

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Parashat Shemot

| MON, JAN 09, 2023

“Every person has three names, that given to him by his parents, that which others call him, and that which he calls himself.” Midrash This midrash is pointing out that…

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