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Rabbi Haim Shaul

Parasha Bo

| MON, JAN 23, 2023

On Shabbat we include a special prayer that is recited in Birkat Hamazon recognizing the unique status of the day. We pray for rest, serenity ,and pleasure, and also that…

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Parashat Shemot

| MON, JAN 09, 2023

“Every person has three names, that given to him by his parents, that which others call him, and that which he calls himself.” Midrash This midrash is pointing out that…

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Parashat Vayigash

| TUE, DEC 27, 2022

The life of Yoseph is described by the verse, “For after I fell, I got up” The Midrash comments, ‘had I not fallen, I would not have arisen’. Some heights…

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Parashat Vayeshev

| MON, DEC 12, 2022

Most often action is initiated by an emotion, which then stimulates the intellect to find ways to satisfy it. Given man’s cunning, the intellect can concoct various psychological schemes to…

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Parashat Vayetseh

| TUE, NOV 29, 2022

“And Yaakov left Beer-Sheva.” “When a righteous person leaves a place, he leaves behind a void. As long as he lives in the city he constitutes its glory, it’s splendor,…

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Parashat Hayei Sarah

| MON, NOV 14, 2022

One of the most fundamental concepts in Judaism is encapsulated by King David in his book of psalms. “You open up Your hand and satisfy all living things with will.”…

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Hopelessness: The self-fulfilling prophecy

| MON, OCT 31, 2022

At the age of one hundred, Abraham had resigned himself to being childless and lost hope of fathering a child. Therefore, when G-d appeared to him to bless him, Abraham…

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Parashat Beresheet

| WED, OCT 19, 2022

Let the honor of your friend be as dear to you as your own Pride, honor and acclaim have an attraction all their own, but our sages warn us that…

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Parashat Vayelech

| THU, SEP 29, 2022

The majority of the day of Yom Kippur is spent in prayer. Indeed it is the only day of the year that we pray five separate prayers.   But what…

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No Free Lunch

| THU, SEP 15, 2022

“It shall be when you come into the land of Israel, you shall take from your first fruits and bring them to the Temple”   Our tradition explains that the…

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